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Can You Afford Foundation Repair?

One of the first things that might cross your mind when you realize that you may have a foundation problem in your home is how much money it’s going to cost. This is the biggest concern that a lot of people have when they think about foundation repair, and it’s not always the truth these […]

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What to Do About Steps Pulling Away from the Home?

Many times, we don’t spend a lot of time looking at the front door of our home. Maybe we have a side or back door that is used a lot more. Eventually, company comes over, and we finally notice that the front steps are pulling away from the home. Perhaps there are cracks, a gap […]

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Rain Showers Mean You Need Waterproofing

In the next few weeks, West Virginia is seeing quite a few rain showers day to day. While one or two thunderstorms may not seem like a big deal, when they keep adding up they can cause waterproofing problems in your home. If you haven’t thought about waterproofing your crawlspace or basement, now is the […]

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Diagram of a house showing different types of foundation repairs possible

New Year, New Fixes Around the Home

It’s almost time for the new year, and that means it’s also time to take stock of your home. If you haven’t recently done a walkthrough of your home, now is the time to get this out of the way. Enjoy feeling comfortable and safe in your home without having a worry in the back […]

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Sticking Doors and Windows Due to the Weather?

As winter makes its way into the West Virginia landscape, you may notice that you are experiencing sticking doors and windows. When you try to open a door, you may notice that it either sticks in the frame as you try to pull it or it won’t close. In terms of windows, you may notice […]

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