poly concrete leveling

Top 3 Reasons for Concrete Leveling

Look out into your front yard or out your back door. Do you see a crooked sidewalk with uneven concrete or a cracked driveway in need of leveling? What about a sloping patio? All of these eyesores can be resolved with concrete leveling. There’s no need to replace in most cases. In this article, we’ll […]

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foundation systems of wv

Tips to Find the Best Concrete Contractor

When you’re looking for a concrete contractor in the West Virginia area, the options seem overwhelming. How do you choose the best concrete contractor for your project? Who will give you the best prices, and also the best work? While not every contractor can get you everything that you want every time, there are some […]

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foundation warning signs

Don’t Wait If You See These Foundation Warning Signs!

Author: Elizabeth Freeman Would you be concerned if you saw a small crack in your foundation? Many homeowners think that a small crack will not cause any harm, particularly within a short amount of time. Most people we talk to think, “oh, I have about 5 years or so until I need to worry.” That […]

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bowing or leaning wall foundation problem West Virginia

Bowing Walls After Hurricane Michael

Were you hit with the after effects of Hurricane Michael? If so, you are likely experiencing lots of rain, wet soil, and possible foundation problems. Many homes experience foundation problems after a hurricane, or the effects of a hurricane. This is because many homes are affected by the soil shifting or moving. If you see […]

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yard drainage system

Settling House Repair After Hurricane Season

This hurricane season, we’ve seen some severe damage from winds and rain, but there can also be other damage that occurs. Damage that occurs in your soil and affects the stability of your home. When this hurricane season is over, how will your foundation fare against wet soil? Let’s look at some reasons you may […]

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