concrete contractor west virginia

Fix your Concrete with a Contractor

What to do About Sinking Concrete Concrete problems can be annoying and frustrating. Maybe the stairs up to your home or business have begun to settle and they sink more each year. Or maybe your garage floor is sinking and it is causing water to pool in your garage, ruining your possessions. Maybe your patio […]

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local expert foundation repair

Finding a Local Expert for Foundation Repair

Steps to Finding a Good, Local Expert Foundation repairs can be intimidating; you want to make sure you are getting high quality repairs that do not hurt your budget. It is also important because it deals with the foundation of your home or business. Bad repairs could lead to worsening problems or even foundation failure […]

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Concrete Leveling, Morgantown, WV

Protect Your Home with Concrete Leveling

When you think of concrete leveling, you probably think about a repair or a fix that is merely for looks. However, concrete leveling can provide many different benefits to you that go past a simple aesthetic fix. Let’s learn about a few of the ways that concrete leveling can protect you and your property indirectly […]

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foundation crack basement wall crack repair common foundation problems

What to Do When You Spot Basement Cracks?

Imagine this: you walk down to the basement to grab something out of the storage area. As you get whatever you were looking for, you notice that there is a crack on the basement wall. Has it been there a long time? Is it new? What do you do next? Let’s find out some of […]

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prepare your home

Prepare Your Home for Tropical Storms, Hurricane Season

If you’ve been living on the East Coast for awhile, you’re no stranger to tropical storms and the effects of hurricanes on the environment. However, if you’ve just moved or you want an update, let’s review a few tips on how to prepare for (and prepare your home for) a tropical storm or the effects […]

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