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Get Rid of Basement Waterproofing Stress

It’s 2:00 a.m. and you hear it: thunder. When your basement is protected and sealed, there’s no worries. If your basement leaks, thunderstorms bring out a whole new level of stress. There’s waiting for the inevitable, cleaning it all up, drying it out, and then dealing with the smell and the potential for mold. Plus, […]

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carbon fiber repair fellowsville, wv case study

Case Study: Fellowsville, WV Carbon Fiber Repair

A recent client came to us through HomeAdvisor while trying to sell their home. The potential buyer was concerned about the possibility of future damage from cracks in the basement foundation walls. At first, the homeowner had an engineering report done, and this stated that carbon fiber was needed to fix the issue. After this, […]

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local expert foundation repair

Settling Foundation Warning Signs

When your house starts looking like a fairy tale cottage because of its leaning chimney, it’s time to take action. A leaning chimney is never a good sign, and it means that your foundation is settling. A settling foundation can be harmless, or cause lots of problems. The good news is that Foundation Systems of […]

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West Virginia Concrete Leveling with Foam.

Concrete Leveling for Summer Parties

Imagine a warm summer day with the sun shining, kids playing in the yard, and friends on the way over for a cookout. You want a beautiful, safe space to entertain your guests and to ensure that they feel welcomed and comfortable. If your sidewalk and patio leave something to be desired, it might be […]

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birdhouse in yard

Tips for Spring Home Prep

The first official day of spring was just a few days ago, and it’s time to consider preparing your house for the upcoming spring and summer season. Preparing? Yes, that’s right! You need to prepare your home before spring so that you can avoid damage or problems. Taking the time to do spring home prep […]

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