Plate Anchors

Have you noticed bowing or leaning walls in your home? A shifting or settling foundation?

Plate Anchors

If so, plate anchors may be what Foundation Systems of West Virginia recommends to resolve your foundation issues.

A bowing or leaning wall in your West Virginia home or business is a sure sign of a failing foundation. This common problem is usually caused by hydrostatic pressure pushing the soil against your structure’s foundation.

When the ground around the foundation becomes saturated, the pressure increases, pushing the foundation walls out of place and causing them to bow or lean. This sign of a shifting or settling foundation can be disastrous and cause instability, structural issues, and unsafe conditions if it is not resolved.

What Can Plate Anchors Repair?

An Earth Contact Products (ECP) wall anchor can repair:

  • Bowing Foundation Walls
  • Leaning Foundation Walls
  • Bulging Foundation Walls
  • Close Cracks in Foundation Walls

Installation Process for Plate Anchors

We’ll first remove a small section of sod next to the damaged wall. This sod will be replaced and the yard will look like almost nothing has been done. Once the sod is removed, a hole is made for the earth anchor. A hole is then drilled through the bowed or leaning wall and a rod is inserted. The rod attaches to the anchor outside of the building and the anchor is installed.

A wall plate is then attached to the rod on the inside of the wall and tightened into place. The sod is replaced and the yard looks good as new. The anchor will be tightened a little at a time so that the wall doesn’t crack from the pressure if it is straightened all at once.

How Plate Anchors Can Help

ECP wall plate anchors are made from high quality galvanized steel that is reinforced to add strength and durability. This option is one of the most affordable solutions for your bowing or leaning foundation walls. Some of the benefits of using Earth Contact Products plate anchors are:

  • Quick and economical installation
  • Restore the value of your home or business
  • Little disturbance to landscaping
  • Little to no maintenance required
  • Easily concealed once installed

As soon as you notice that your foundation walls are bowing or leaning you need to contact Foundation Systems of West Virginia. Our team of experts will help you restore the strength of your foundation’s walls. Contact us today and schedule a free estimate!

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