Repair and Replace Rotten Wood in Your Home

Over time the wood in many homes become damaged and rotten due to moisture, mold, and pests. A question that many of us ask is, “Can it be repaired or replaced? How are they replaced and is it possible?” Many of these worries may run through your mind if you have encountered rotten wood in your own home, but don’t worry! Rotten wood is a relatively common occurrence, especially in places where there is a lot of humidity and moisture. Find out how you can get your rotten wood structures repaired or replaced.

gutter downspoutHow Does Rotten Wood Happen?

The number one question on most people’s mind is: how did this happen? Most of the time wood rot is due to mold, moisture, and the effects of insects, like termites. Most of the time when we see rotten wood it is in the crawl space, basement, or right above that in the first floor joists or wooden floors. In these cases, there is a problem with a wet basement or crawl space. This can be caused by many factors, but usually it is due to foundation cracks which are now letting in water. The moisture then gets into the basement and causes all kinds of problems.

Another way water can get into a basement or crawl space is when there is not proper drainage. Water can end up draining directly into the home’s foundation without good drainage. It’s also important to watch out for grading issues next to the foundation. If the soil is sloped downwards toward the foundation, all of the water will then pool there against the foundation and enter your home’s crawl space or basement.

crawl space repairHow Can You Resolve The Issue?

In most cases, resolving rotten wood is not as complicated of a task as it may seem. In many cases, the wood may not need to be replaced, just repaired. It may need supports in the crawl space below. However, if the beam or joist is a structural component of the home, it will need to be replaced in its entirety. The good news is that the process is relatively quick, easy, and will leave your home supported and safe once again. Lastly, you should also consider crawl space encapsulation to keep moisture out for good in your crawl space. A sump pump can also be a good idea for peace of mind if you are regularly getting water in your basement due to flooding or heavy rains that is not preventable by any other means.

crawlspace encapsulationWait–Did You Solve the Root of the Problem?

Before replacing wood beams, consider if you have actually solved the root of the problem. When you just replace the beams without figuring out what the problem was, you will continue to have the same problems over time.

Regularly, the issue will be a foundation problem that is leading to moisture in your basement or crawl space. Before trying to replace the rotten wood in your basement or crawl space, have it inspected by a professional foundation repair contractor to figure out what the issue is and come up with a plan to resolve it.

Foundation Systems of West Virginia is Your Rotten Wood Repair Expert

If you are having issues with rotten wood in your basement or crawl space, it’s time to take action! Foundation repair should never wait, and you deserve to have a healthy and safe home. Give Foundation Systems of West Virginia a call today and get started on resolving the rotten wood issue in your basement or crawl space and get back to your life without worry about your foundation.

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