bowed basement wall repair

Bowed Basement Wall Repairs

Noticing that your basement wall has begun to bow can be a stressful time. Bowing walls happen when there is too much pressure on your foundation walls and the walls begin to bend inward. This can come from the soil expanding, foundation settlement, or other foundation problems. In some cases, this can cause the foundation […]

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carbon fiber repair fellowsville, wv case study

Case Study: Fellowsville, WV Carbon Fiber Repair

A recent client came to us through HomeAdvisor while trying to sell their home. The potential buyer was concerned about the possibility of future damage from cracks in the basement foundation walls. At first, the homeowner had an engineering report done, and this stated that carbon fiber was needed to fix the issue. After this, […]

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diagram of foundation repair carbon fiber repair

Is Carbon Fiber Repair Right for Your Bowing or Leaning Walls?

Today is the first official day of spring, and that means that we will see a gradual temperature rise and lots of rain. The rain itself can cause problems with your foundation, but the warming temperatures may also cause you foundation problems. If you go to your basement or crawlspace and see bowing or leaning […]

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