living room windows

Why Are My Doors & Windows Sticking?

Have you noticed that your home’s windows and doors are sticking? This can be such a pain. You may wonder what the cause of this is. Could it be humidity or problems with the frames? However, the issue could be much larger. In fact, sticking doors and windows can be an indication that your home’s […]

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Diagram of a house showing different types of foundation repairs possible

New Year, New Fixes Around the Home

It’s almost time for the new year, and that means it’s also time to take stock of your home. If you haven’t recently done a walkthrough of your home, now is the time to get this out of the way. Enjoy feeling comfortable and safe in your home without having a worry in the back […]

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Image of a stair step crack on a cement block wall

What Do My Basement Cracks Mean?

Do you have cracks in your basement walls? If so, you may begin to wonder what is the cause of these cracks and what do they mean for your home. Examine these common types of cracks to help you find out what issues you could be having. Vertical Basement Cracks Vertical cracks form as a […]

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foundation damage, Summersville, WV foundation repair

Is Your Home Sitting on A Firm Foundation?

The foundation is the most important part of any structure. Cracks inside structures can indicate the home or business has a foundation issue. Without a solid foundation, the structure will begin to sink, negatively impacting the structural integrity of the entire structure.  Most residential and commercial property owners are not structural engineers, but there are […]

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