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Spring Crawlspace Repair

It’s finally spring, and that means that your crawlspace is likely under siege from the elements. As the colder temperatures give way to warm, we are seeing lots of rain showers and humidity. This can spell big trouble for your crawlspace. Anything from moisture, mold, rot, or worse could be happening down there right now. […]

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Summer Humidity Causes Crawlspace Repair Problems

No Rain, No Repairs…Right? Many people assume that crawlspace repair is only necessary because of heavy rain, flooding, and other big water problems that make it damp and unpleasant. However, in West Virginia and other humid areas, the summer season can cause just as many problems. Although there isn’t a lot of rain (if any), […]

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Foundation Damage Due to Water Problems

Foundation damage can be a pain in the neck and can be costly to fix. It is caused by a variety of problems, and some of those are water problems. We all know that large amounts of water next to our foundation is not going to be good for it. However, sometimes that’s not the […]

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Get Ready for Spring with Crawl Space Repair

With the rainy spring season approaching, it’s time to think about the damage that water can inflict on a crawlspace. Not only can it cause cracks in the foundation walls, but it can also bring mold and pests into your unfinished (or improperly finished) crawlspace. This is why crawlspace repair in your West Virginia home […]

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