Image of a stair step crack on a cement block wall

What Do My Basement Cracks Mean?

Do you have cracks in your basement walls? If so, you may begin to wonder what is the cause of these cracks and what do they mean for your home. Examine these common types of cracks to help you find out what issues you could be having. Vertical Basement Cracks Vertical cracks form as a […]

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What is the Cost of Driveway Leveling?

If your driveway has settlement issues, it might be the right time to look into leveling your concrete. While leveling your driveway sounds like a big investment, it is about half the price of complete concrete replacement. Not only will it fix your driveway settlement issues, but it will also add value and longevity to […]

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foundation repair common foundation problems

Free Estimates from Foundation Systems of West Virginia

Foundation Systems of WV We know that facing foundation repairs can be intimidating. It can be a big undertaking to return your home’s stability and safety, but Foundation Systems of West Virginia wants to do as much as we can to make things simple. When you see a warning sign of foundation damage, a leaky […]

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