house settling

Identifying House Settling and How to Fix It

Believe it or not, it may be easier to overlook the signs and symptoms of house settling than you think! When your foundation settles, it initially shows up in the tiniest of ways. It may begin as small cracks around door frames or window sills. From there, you may notice doors and windows that are […]

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living room windows

Why Are My Doors & Windows Sticking?

Have you noticed that your home’s windows and doors are sticking? This can be such a pain. You may wonder what the cause of this is. Could it be humidity or problems with the frames? However, the issue could be much larger. In fact, sticking doors and windows can be an indication that your home’s […]

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poly concrete leveling

Top 3 Reasons for Concrete Leveling

Look out into your front yard or out your back door. Do you see a crooked sidewalk with uneven concrete or a cracked driveway in need of leveling? What about a sloping patio? All of these eyesores can be resolved with concrete leveling. There’s no need to replace in most cases. In this article, we’ll […]

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local expert foundation repair

Settling Foundation Warning Signs

When your house starts looking like a fairy tale cottage because of its leaning chimney, it’s time to take action. A leaning chimney is never a good sign, and it means that your foundation is settling. A settling foundation can be harmless, or cause lots of problems. The good news is that Foundation Systems of […]

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