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Why Are My Doors & Windows Sticking?

Have you noticed that your home’s windows and doors are sticking? This can be such a pain. You may wonder what the cause of this is. Could it be humidity or problems with the frames? However, the issue could be much larger. In fact, sticking doors and windows can be an indication that your home’s […]

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Sticking Doors and Windows Due to the Weather?

As winter makes its way into the West Virginia landscape, you may notice that you are experiencing sticking doors and windows. When you try to open a door, you may notice that it either sticks in the frame as you try to pull it or it won’t close. In terms of windows, you may notice […]

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Warning Signs: Sticking Doors and Windows

Is Humidity the Problem? Each day you open and close doors and windows multiple times. In your home, it may be pretty common for your wood doors to start sticking when the humidity goes up. Commonly, this is what people think causes sticking doors and windows. In some cases, this is true. However, in others, […]

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