crawl space encapsulation west virginia

Benefits of Crawl Space Encapsulation

What do you think of when you think of a crawl space? A dark, dingy space under your home that often has just a dirt floor. There may even be animals or pests in the crawl space if there is a way inside. It’s the perfect place to hang out in the colder months; warm, […]

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woman summer 2018 home problems

Prepare Your Home for Spring 2019

As we approach Spring 2019, we also get closer to heavy spring rains which can cause damage to your home and foundation. Plus, it can cause damage to concrete on your property and render it a trip hazard. So while you’re getting into the spirit of spring cleaning and D.I.Y. home repairs, it might be […]

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photo of rain on a highway

Rain Showers Mean You Need Waterproofing

In the next few weeks, West Virginia is seeing quite a few rain showers day to day. While one or two thunderstorms may not seem like a big deal, when they keep adding up they can cause waterproofing problems in your home. If you haven’t thought about waterproofing your crawlspace or basement, now is the […]

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image of raindrops in a puddle foundation problems

Get Rid of Basement Waterproofing Stress

It’s 2:00 a.m. and you hear it: thunder. When your basement is protected and sealed, there’s no worries. If your basement leaks, thunderstorms bring out a whole new level of stress. There’s waiting for the inevitable, cleaning it all up, drying it out, and then dealing with the smell and the potential for mold. Plus, […]

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Image of an icicle on the edge of a roof.

Basement Water During Winter?

Causes of Winter Basement Water Do you experience water in your basement during the winter months? The good news, and the bad news, is that this is a very common occurrence for most households that experience snow during the winter months. While you may be used to basement water during heavy rainfalls, you can receive just as […]

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