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Cost of Foundation Repair in West Virginia

We know the first thing that pops into everyone’s head when they hear the words “foundation repair“. They imagine a huge bill that they can’t afford. And yes, we know foundation repair is not cheap, but there are a few ways to go about getting foundation repairs that will help you keep costs down and […]

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Why Are My Doors & Windows Sticking?

Have you noticed that your home’s windows and doors are sticking? This can be such a pain. You may wonder what the cause of this is. Could it be humidity or problems with the frames? However, the issue could be much larger. In fact, sticking doors and windows can be an indication that your home’s […]

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Reasons for a Concrete Contractor in West Virginia

There are many reasons you might need a concrete contractor in West Virginia. If you look around the interior and exterior of your home and notice that your concrete slabs have cracked or began to sink, you might be thinking that you need to completely replace them in order to fix them. It is definitely […]

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foundation damage, Summersville, WV foundation repair

Sticking Doors and Windows Due to the Weather?

As winter makes its way into the West Virginia landscape, you may notice that you are experiencing sticking doors and windows. When you try to open a door, you may notice that it either sticks in the frame as you try to pull it or it won’t close. In terms of windows, you may notice […]

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Tips to Find the Best Concrete Contractor

When you’re looking for a concrete contractor in the West Virginia area, the options seem overwhelming. How do you choose the best concrete contractor for your project? Who will give you the best prices, and also the best work? While not every contractor can get you everything that you want every time, there are some […]

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