Basement Waterproofing

Waterproof Your Basement To Protect Your Space & Belongings

Imagine your wedding album is floating in dirty water. Your heirloom Christmas decorations are waterlogged and molding.

Anyone who has dealt with a basement flood will tell you basement waterproofing is far easier than fixing up the damage a flood or leakage has caused below your home, or than combing through a wet pile of ruined possessions. Pat & Ricki's Foundation Systems of WV provides the expert service you need to keep your basement dry and your home on solid ground.

We at Pat & Ricki's understand basements can make up a large portion of your home. Basements are no longer thought of as dusty, below-house storage rooms. Basements can be our family rooms, additional bedrooms or other extra living space.

Whether your basement is the living room or an unfinished storage room, we can take your basement from leaky, wet and damp to completely dry and waterproof - permanently.

Expert Foundation Repair Services

We've got the services, products and team to resolve your foundation problems and make sure they’re gone for good!

Why Waterproof Your Basement?

Regardless of whether your basement is "finished" or not, we know that basements, especially on lower ground, are highly vulnerable to water. Wet basements can grow a good deal of mold, which can be extremely dangerous to your respiratory health.

Our highly-trained basement experts will identify and resolve spaces vulnerable to flooding or leakage for your peace of mind.

In addition to waterproofing your basement, we also provide solutions for any bowing or cracking that has occurred due to excess moisture. We at Pat & Ricki's are determined and dedicated to your comfort and health while maintaining the integrity of the home's structure.

Don't wait until the problem is worse. Call Pat & Ricki's Foundation Systems of WV at 855-938-2768 today.

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