Bowed or Leaning Walls

A bowed or leaning wall will not fix itself, you have to have a professional like the ones at Foundation Systems of West Virginia take a look and determine the best solution for the situation.

What Causes Walls to Bow?

A cracking, leaning, or bowing wall is a sign of pressure behind the wall pushing it out of place. The most common type of pressure is hydrostatic pressure. This is caused by oversaturated soil pressing against the walls. The weight of the soil and water is too much for the wall and it begins to bow or lean.

A bowed wall is a serious problem and it needs to be addressed as soon as it is discovered. By the time the wall is noticeably leaning or bowing, the problem has been growing for a long time. If not repaired, there is a significant danger of the wall failing and the possibility that the home will collapse.

Repairing a Bowed Wall

There are several methods for repairing a leaning or bowing wall. It will take a foundation expert to determine the right solution for your situation.

Carbon Fiber

Foundation Systems of West Virginia proudly uses Rhino Carbon Fiber for bowed wall repair. These impressively strong strips reinforce the wall and are quickly applied. This solution is only used in some situations, as it doesn’t fix all bowing wall problems.

Power Brace

The installation of a steel beam is more involved than the application of carbon fiber strips. They are placed into the floor and bolted to the wooden floor joists. The bowing walls are stopped by the steel beams.

Helical Anchors

A helical anchor is a long rod attached to a wall plate. The opposite end is shaped like a screw and is driven into the surrounding soil. The wall anchor pulls the wall tight. Heavy equipment is needed to install these and it can be a big process.

Wall Anchors

A wall anchor, though similar to a helical anchor, is usually a better solution. The process uses an interior wall plate, an exterior earth anchor, and a connecting steel rod. This solution is able to be installed year-round with little disruption to your yard and foundation.

Repair Your Bowed Walls

If your home has a bowed or leaning wall, contact the foundation repair experts at Foundation Systems of West Virginia. We’ll provide a free inspection and give you an estimate on how best to repair your home. We want you to have a safe and stable home for you and your family.


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