Bowing Wall Repair

A Bowing or Leaning Wall Can Cause Problems Throughout Your Home

Bowing Wall Repair, wall plate anchor

A leaning or bowing wall may allow basement wall cracks to form, causing a loss of structural integrity and possible water damage. Bowing or leaning foundation walls can cause your home or business to develop other foundation problems, as well.

Causes of Leaning and Bowing Walls

The majority of bowing or leaning walls are caused by pressure from the surrounding soil. Whether due to rain, snow, or leaking plumbing, your walls are put under stress when hydrostatic pressure increases. The pressure pushes the soil against the foundation, causing it to shift. This shifting can cause the walls to crack, lean, or bow. When this occurs, basement wall cracks are likely to appear which can lead to water leaking in, causing more structural damage. Once walls begin to bow, they will get worse and can lead to foundation failure.

How can They be Fixed?

Wall Anchors: These anchors from ECP are installed on the damaged wall and are used to slowly straighten the wall. The process puts pressure on the wall opposite to the pressure pushing the wall in. This gradually stabilizes the wall and returns it to its correct position.

Helical Piers: These piers are screwed into the ground below the structure and are used to support and stabilize a sinking foundation. The piers will be used to support the weight of the home or business, this can help straighten out a leaning or bowing wall.

power brace for bowing wall repair in West Virginia

Foundation Piers: These piers are similar to helical piers in their application. They are driven into the soil below the foundation to a more stable level. The building’s weight is supported on the piers, which can alleviate some of the pressure on the foundation walls.

Power Brace: This is a permanent solution for bowed foundation walls when there is constant movement of the soil around them. They are a revolutionary steel I-beam solution used to reinforce foundation walls. They use the strength of the concrete floor and floor joist to stabilize the wall. (See picture to the right.)

Carbon Fiber Repairs: This is a long-lasting solution to bowing or leaning walls. They are wall supports that are usually installed on the inside of the basement wall. Installing them on the inside as a basement wall repair makes this solution less intrusive than others. Carbon fiber repairs are maintenance free and are extremely easy to cover when the wall is painted. Not only are they easy maintenance, but they are also an inexpensive route that always leaves customers pleased.

Bowing Wall Repair West Virginia

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