Carbon Fiber Foundation Repair

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Bowing Or Leaning Wall Problems

Foundation walls commonly crack and bow. This is caused by hydrostatic pressure on the walls from the soil outside. The back-filled soil around the foundation is looser and more easily saturated with water. This soil then becomes heavy and begins to put pressure on the foundation. The foundation tends to crack with this pressure, and those cracks let in unwanted water which causes even more problems. Eventually, the walls will bow or lean. A bowed or leaning wall can collapse, causing severe structural damage to your home or business. Even if the wall does not collapse, it can allow water and pests to enter the area.

Concrete walls can shrink or expand over time. This can cause foundation wall cracks of all types. Other factors that could influence bowing/leaning walls are tree roots from trees planted close to a home or business or freezing and thawing in the soil. Wall cracks can lead to water in your basement or crawlspace so they should not be ignored.

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Carbon Fiber Wall Repair Solutions

Carbon fiber wall supports are typically installed inside the basement wall, so this makes it a less intrusive method of wall repair. The finish of the carbon fiber is smooth, making it easy to cover when the wall is painted.

The repairs are maintenance-free and, as they are strips put onto the wall, take up no square footage if you finish the basement. A coat of paint over the carbon fiber strips will make them almost invisible. You can also use carbon fiber wall repair in crawl spaces, as they work well in tight spaces. Carbon fiber is a proven method of foundation repair, and it's an affordable option that provides long-lasting support to your bowed or leaning wall.

Think You May Need Carbon Fiber Foundation Repair?

It is important that as soon as you find a bowed or leaning wall that you contact Foundation Systems of West Virginia. We will inspect the property and determine the best method of repair. Often, the best product is carbon fiber. This is a strong and reliable method of repairing a bowed or leaning wall in your basement or crawlspace.

Contact us to see if carbon fiber is the right solution for your bowing or cracked foundation walls. We perform both residential and commercial foundation wall repairs. Get a free estimate today.


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