Case Study: Fellowsville, WV Carbon Fiber Repair

carbon fiber repair fellowsville, wv case study

carbon fiber repair fellowsville, wv case studyA recent client came to us through HomeAdvisor while trying to sell their home. The potential buyer was concerned about the possibility of future damage from cracks in the basement foundation walls. At first, the homeowner had an engineering report done, and this stated that carbon fiber was needed to fix the issue. After this, they set up a free inspection through Foundation Systems of WV.

During our inspection, we had our System Design Specialist meet with the client and discuss the problem. He got an idea of what their concerns were and then he inspected their basement. The inspection of the basement walls showed that there were cracks, and the basement walls were showing movement. All four walls of the basement showed movement up to ⅝ of an inch!

Our specialist also found that the engineer report design that the homeowners had previously commissioned had spacing which was too far apart and it did not address the cause of the issue which included the rear wall pushing inwards. The homeowner agreed with us that it was necessary to change the report. They were also interested in making sure that the products we would use had a full warranty and would fully fix the problem. We use Earth Contact Products (ECP) products at Foundation Systems of WV, and they are some of the highest rated in the industry with great reviews all around. They are a great choice for all your foundation fixes.

Providing a Solution

carbon fiber repair fellowsville, wv case study

The actual foundation fix did involve carbon fiber repair. We used Rhino Carbon Fiber strips on the walls to support and solve any bowing or cracking issues. All in all, we ended up using 53! The carbon fiber repair process involves installing carbon fiber strips inside of the basement on the walls. This is a much less obtrusive way of foundation repair, and it leaves less mess and damage to fix up in the long run. The final product can be painted over and it’s almost invisible.  It also takes less time than other methods, and therefore, if you can get it, it’s a great option for bowing or leaning walls.

We fixed up the home, and the client was happy with the work that we did. For more information on how you can start foundation repair or waterproofing from Foundation Systems of WV, give us a call or find us on our website. We are experienced, professional, and we strive to put out the best possible product that we can. Stay tuned for more case studies of projects that we have completed!



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