Category: Foundation Failure

Freezing and Thawing Cycle Hurts Foundations
During the winter months, a few warm days can feel like a welcome respite from cold winter weather, but temperature fluctuation spurs the freezing and…
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Wall Crack Repair Isn’t So Simple
When you spot a crack in your home, the first thing that comes to mind may not be worry. You may instead think about covering…
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Don’t Wait If You See These Foundation Warning Signs!
Author: Elizabeth Freeman Would you be concerned if you saw a small crack in your foundation? Many homeowners think that a small crack will not…
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Bowing Walls After Hurricane Michael
Were you hit with the after effects of Hurricane Michael? If so, you are likely experiencing lots of rain, wet soil, and possible foundation problems.…
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Bowing Wall Repair Anxiety
When you notice that your foundation walls are bowing, you may immediately become anxious and worried. There is a certain fear that comes with this…
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Settling Foundation Warning Signs
When your house starts looking like a fairy tale cottage because of its leaning chimney, it’s time to take action. A leaning chimney is never…
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What Causes Foundation Failure?
Foundation failure is a term that many people are afraid of. Why? Because foundation failure could happen to anyone, in any home, at any location.…
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Foundation Damage: Buyer Beware or Buyer Benefits?
Considerations When Buying or Selling a Home Buying a home is a big decision, it takes a lot of time and money to find the…
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Avoid a Foundation “Worst Case Scenario”
Worst Case Scenario for Foundation Issues? Major bows and cracks in your foundation walls will eventually cause a wall to collapse.  Fortunately, this homeowner called…
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