Category: Polyjacking

Slab Leveling for Your Driveway
Colder weather this winter season and lots of rain might have caused you problems with your driveway. Maybe you’re seeing large cracks, or maybe you’re…
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Slab Repair After Big Storms
After Hurricane Florence and the secondary rains and flooding, it will be time to take stock of your home, foundation, and belongings. Whether or not…
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Should You Replace or Level with Polyurethane Injection?
Summer is Here! The weather is warmer and it’s time to spend time outside, but as you walk outside your home you see it: your…
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Concrete Leveling and Polyfoam Injection
Concrete lifting and leveling has used the same techniques for most of its existence. Mudjacking used to be the go-to method for lifting concrete slabs.…
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