Concrete Leveling and Polyfoam Injection

raised concrete slab

Concrete lifting and leveling has used the same techniques for most of its existence. Mudjacking used to be the go-to method for lifting concrete slabs. Mudjacking involves pumping large quantities of a muddy slurry under for slab leveling, and it can be messy and take time to set. It also used large machinery which sat in your yard.

Polyjacking is a better alternative, using smaller and fewer holes for polyurethane injection. In addition, the polyurethane foam that is used weighs less than the traditional mud slurry, and the equipment that is used for the process is less invasive. A truck or trailer holds the foam and the installer uses a long hose to reach the polyurethane injection sites, keeping heavy equipment off your lawn and landscaping. The foam is injected into the holes and the foam expands, filling voids under the slab and raising the concrete for slab leveling.

Benefits of Polyjacking

No matter what kind of concrete slab you have that needs slab leveling and lifting, Foundation Systems of West Virginia and our polyjacking system can do the job! We can level sidewalks, driveways, tennis courts, garage floors, patios, and more. Contact us to learn more about all of our services and receive a free estimate. We look forward to hearing from you.

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