Concrete Leveling for Summer Parties

Imagine a warm summer day with the sun shining, kids playing in the yard, and friends on the way over for a cookout. You want a beautiful, safe space to entertain your guests and to ensure that they feel welcomed and comfortable. If your sidewalk and patio leave something to be desired, it might be time to put that tax refund to good use and get concrete leveling from Foundation Systems of West Virginia.

West Virginia Concrete Leveling with Foam.Safety and Functionality

Concrete leveling or raising is when polyfoam is injected in the void underneath a concrete slab (on the patio or sidewalk) to make the surface of the concrete even as well as to make the surface safer. Voids underneath the concrete could cause eventual collapse, and raised lips on the edge of a concrete patio or sidewalk could be the cause of a trip or fall. It’s important to remember safety as well as functionality when thinking about concrete leveling as trips and falls are the number one cause of injury in homes.

What can be raised or leveled?

Most any flat surface made of concrete can have concrete leveling done. This could include your patio or sidewalk, your driveway, front steps, basement floor, basketball court, garage floor, or roads. If you see a slanted or uneven concrete slab, it probably means that it needs concrete leveling.

concrete levelingReplace vs. Repair

Uneven or cracked concrete doesn’t always need replaced! Sometimes the best, and most cost effective, option is to have concrete leveling. This could solve the problem without ripping up the concrete and with minimal damage or disturbance to the surround yard.

If you want a safe, functional, and beautiful patio or sidewalk before the summer get-together season, it’s time to give Foundation Systems of West Virginia a call. We can provide you with a free estimate and give you advice for your specific situation in regards to concrete leveling. Give us a call today to get started!

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