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If you walk around your property and notice cracks in your foundation and/or walls, you should call the foundation experts at Foundation Systems of West Virginia. Best case is the crack will allow water to seep into your home, worst case scenario is the foundation is on the verge of severe structural damage.

Foundation cracks are not a do it yourself fix! You should never attempt to resolve foundation issues yourself unless you have professional training to do so. You and your family's health and safety rely on the health and safety of your home, and you put that in danger with second-rate repairs that do not correct the issue but merely mask it.

Expert Foundation Repair Services

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Foundation Cracks

There are a few different types of cracks, each with their own cause and solution.

Vertical cracks are caused by the concrete being pulled in opposite directions and are fairly common. Most homes will have a couple of these cracks within the first few years of construction. There aren't signs of structural issues, but they can allow water to enter the home. They can be sealed with a urethane or epoxy injection.

Step cracks can be nothing to worry about or they can be a sign of foundation problems. If the cracks follow the mortar joints, they are usually not serious and can be repaired by repointing. If the blocks are out of place or the cracks run through the blocks, you may have a bigger problem. A foundation repair expert can determine the severity of the issue and the best solution for the problem.

Diagonal cracks are usually caused by uneven settling and can happen in older homes or new construction. A foundation expert will need to determine what needs to be done to stop the home from settling unevenly. The crack repair is usually an easy fix, but the underlying problem needs to be addressed or you will continue having issues.

Horizontal cracks are the most serious cracks. These are caused by pressure against the wall, causing it to bow. These kinds of cracks need to be fixed by professionals, if they are left alone the wall can fail leading to collapse of the entire house. Foundation Systems of West Virginia can determine everything that needs to be done to repair the damage and to stop it from recurring.

Concrete Cracks

There are a lot of reasons a concrete slab may crack. It could be from the mix that was used and other factors during the pouring of the concrete. Sometimes the slab settles unevenly, causing the concrete to be stressed and begin to crack. If the soil under the slab is settling unevenly, Foundation Systems of West Virginia can help provide concrete crack repair with our concrete leveling services. Our experts will inspect the situation and work with you to determine the best way to restore the integrity of your concrete slab and determine the best way to go forward with the concrete crack repair.

Garage Column Cracks

Cracks in your garage columns are usually a sign of foundation problems. These cracks are usually caused by poor soil compaction under the column and so it settles unevenly. This can lead to a lot of structural problems, if they are not addressed by a professional, like the ones at Foundation Systems of West Virginia.

Crack Repair

It is important that you get an inspection if you find any cracks in your home. You may just get peace of mind, knowing that the problem is nothing to worry about, or you may find that you need repairs. The sooner you address the problem, the less time and money it will take to repair the issue.

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