Foundation Crack Repair

A Small Foundation Crack Can Turn Into a Big Problem | Clarksburg, WV

A crack in your foundation may seem like a small problem, but you might be surprised to learn how quickly it can turn into a huge problem. Water and pests can enter even a small crack, damaging your home or business. If water freezes inside the crack, it can cause the crack to grow, negatively impacting the structural integrity of the structure.

All of these seemingly small things can cost you big bucks if left unchecked! That's why it's extremely important to get foundation repair problems taken care of the first time you see them. Don't wait! Although it may seem scary, it will be even scarier when the price tag is higher on an issue that could've been resolved months or years ago for much less money.

Expert Foundation Repair Services

We've got the services, products and team to resolve your foundation problems and make sure they’re gone for good!

Basement Wall Crack Repair in West Virginia

Foundation Systems of West Virginia has the experience to determine the best method of repairing any foundation crack that your home or business may have. Our experts will come out to your property and perform a free inspection.

NO DIY - Do Not Attempt This at Home

You may be tempted to go to a local hardware store or DIY store and pick up a wall or concrete crack repair kit. We can't emphasize enough that this is NOT a good idea. The kits you buy in the store use caulk or hydraulic cement to patch the cracks. Water will continue leaking in behind the caulk, eventually causing the caulk to peel off. When it does, you will most likely find an even larger crack. Hydraulic cement doesn't bond well and will eventually fall out, also. These “solutions” are like putting a bandage on a broken bone.

Let the Pros Handle Your Foundation Cracks

Our crack repair services will save you headaches, time and money in the long run. Our experts are confident that they will perform wall crack repair and fix the underlying problem, saving you future problems and headaches. We have worked hard over the years to prove we know the best solutions and how to apply them.

Basement Wall Crack Repair Systems in West Virginia

Foundation Systems of West Virginia proudly uses FlexiSpan Foundation Crack Repair Systems to repair cracks in your structure's foundation. The reason we recommend this method for basement wall crack repair over other applications is that the sealant in FlexiSpan will never dry out and cracks won't reappear due to natural foundation movement. The FlexiSpan System will stay where it is applied and permanently seals the crack. You will have a dry, stable basement for years to come.

Contact the foundation crack specialists at 855-938-2768 today. We'll perform a free inspection and get to work sealing up the cracks in the foundation of your home or business, so you can start having a usable and dry space.

1-855-938-2768 Call Pat & Ricki’s Foundation Systems of WV for a Free Estimate today!
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