Foundation Piers

What Are Foundation Piers?

Foundation Piers, West Virginia

The installation of the piers involves driving steel pipes into the stable soil, strengthening the foundation. Earth Contact Products‘ steel push piers are patented and the standard for all piering methods in the foundation repair industry. They are a trusted name in the foundation repair business and provide quality products that we pass on to you.

5 Reasons Why You Have Foundation Problems in West Virginia

  1. Site Preparation: If the soil at a building site is removed from one area to another and isn’t allowed to stabilize, unexpected movements may occur underneath the foundation, causing the soil to settle unevenly or rapidly.
  2. Evaporation: If drought conditions occur, the soil around the foundation can shrink and pull away from the foundation. This can cause cracks to appear in the foundation walls.
  3. Drainage: Just as lack of moisture can impact a foundation, too much moisture can build up, causing hydrostatic pressure. This pressure will push against the foundation, causing cracks and bowing or leaning walls.
  4. Transpiration: If you have trees within 20 feet of your home or business, the roots can dehydrate the soil, causing the soil to shrink. This soil shrinkage can remove the support from around your foundation.
  5. Plumbing Leaks: If you have a leaking pipe, either inside or outside of the structure, it can cause excess moisture to enter the surrounding soil. This can cause many foundation problems, including heaving.

Benefits of ECP Push PiersPush Piers, Foundation Repair, West Virginia

There are many push piers on the market, but Foundation Systems of West Virginia believes that Earth Contact Products are the best in the industry. Some reasons include:

  • 10,000 psi hydraulic capacities
  • Unlimited structure lifting capabilities
  • Year-round installation
  • Manifold Lift allows the entire structure to be lifted simultaneously
  • Installed with portable equipment, so heavy machinery isn’t required

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