Helical Tiebacks

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A helical tieback is a screw-like tool that is driven into the soil next to the damaged foundation wall. A small hole is drilled into the wall and the tiebacks are screwed into the ground, horizontally. The anchors are attached to the inside of the wall and tension is applied, returning the wall to a level position. When our expert installers are satisfied, the hole is sealed and the area cleaned up. Little machinery is required and installation is performed quickly.

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When Do You Use A Helical Tieback?

If your home or business in West Virginia has bowing or leaning walls, that is a common sign of foundation damage. A bowed or leaning wall is a sign that the foundation has shifted or settled unevenly. This can be due to excess water in the soil causing hydrostatic pressure against the foundation walls. Water gets into the loose backfill beside the foundation and saturates it. The soil becomes heavier and begins to put pressure on the foundation walls which, in turn, causes the walls to crack. These cracks can let in water, which worsens the problem. Eventually, if left unchecked, this will lead to bowing or leaning walls.

How Are Helical Tiebacks Installed?

Foundation Systems of West Virginia has been using helical tiebacks to shore up basement walls and retaining walls for years. If your wall is bulging or rotating inward, helical tiebacks are usually the best solution. The helical tieback will be driven into the soil beside the foundation and then attached to a plate within to give it stability. The wall will slowly be straightened to not cause any further damage.

Advantages Of Helical Tiebacks

There are many benefits to installing helical tiebacks for your West Virginia home or business.

  • Can be installed in areas with limited access.
  • They can adapt to changing soil conditions.
  • We can immediately load test the supports.
  • If you need to remove them, no excavation is needed.
  • Lower labor costs than other methods.
  • No heavy machinery is needed for installation.
  • Can be installed any time of the year.

If your home or commercial property is experiencing bowing or leaning walls, you need to contact one of our experts immediately to schedule a free inspection. We'll determine the best method of repair and work with you to get it finished quickly and efficiently. Foundation Systems of West Virginia is here to assist you with all of your foundation repair needs.


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