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underpinning, foundation repairFoundation Systems of West Virginia is proud to use products and tools from Earth Contact Products (ECP). We match our expert knowledge with these quality tools and products. The products we use are:

If you live in West Virginia and are experiencing foundation problems at your home or business, you need to contact the foundation repair experts at Foundation Systems of West Virginia immediately. We will make sure that your structure’s foundation is repaired quickly and effectively. The foundation is what supports the entire building, so it is vital that any issue is taken care of as soon as possible.

What are some problems caused by a sinking foundation & how can they be remedied with ECP products?

A sinking foundation can lead to several structural issues with your home or business. Ignoring a problem won’t make it go away, in fact, it will only get worse. A growing problem will lead to further damage to your building, causing danger for your family or employees. Larger problems also mean more expensive repairs that can take longer to perform. Save your money and keep your family and employees safe by contacting Foundation Systems of West Virginia today for your foundation repair needs.

Foundation Repair Products & Solutions in West Virginia

If your home or business is experiencing settling, then Foundation Systems of West Virginia will use ECP piers to perform the repair. Piers will help stabilize and lift your foundation if it has begun to settle. The piers are driven into the ground and are anchored in deeper soil that is more stable. The foundation’s weight is then transferred to the piers and the structure is lifted to the correct level.

If the foundation is shifting, you will first experience cracking in the walls. You may not notice this right away. However, this will give a way for water to get into the home which can cause more damage. Over time, you will experience bowing or leaning basement walls. In the case of this repair, helical tiebacks or plate anchors will be used. These tools will pull the wall back into place and stop the foundation from shifting further. This is an ECP underpinning product and is a trusted face in the industry.

For these and other foundation repairs in West Virginia, contact the best foundation repair company in the area at 1-855-938-2768 for a free estimate.

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