Power Brace

Do you have a leaning wall in your basement?

Power brace

A leaning wall can be a serious problem and can lead to complete foundation failure if left unrepaired as it causes instability and leaves the home unsafe. One method of repairing a bowing or leaning wall is through the installation of the Power Brace system. This permanent solution reinforces the wall and will, over the course of time, move the wall back to its original state.

How Do Power Braces Work?

A Power Brace is a steel I-beam that is braced against the foundation wall and uses the concrete floor and the floor joist to stabilize the wall. Two concrete anchors are used to hold the brace in place against the bottom of the foundation wall. The top of the I-beam fastens to a bracket in the floor joist and the beam will slowly straighten the wall out.

Power Braces: Easy to Install

Some foundation repairs require heavy equipment and the removal of dirt around the home or tearing up your basement floor. This isn’t the case with Power Braces. They are installed on the inside of your basement wall and it doesn’t matter if the wall is built from block, wood, tile, brick, or poured concrete.

This cost-effective and reliable method of repairing a bowing or leaning wall is one of our favorite methods, as it gives great results without breaking your budget. Contact Foundation Systems of West Virginia to learn more about this strong and stable system.

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