Sagging Floors

Don't Let A Drooping Floor Get You Down

A sign you are in need of foundation repair is sagging floors. But don't be too quick to call your local handyman. House settling issues should be dealt with by experts. If you're in West Virginia, Pat & Ricki's Foundation Systems of WV can bring you the newest, least disruptive techniques to lift that sagging floor.

Expert Foundation Repair Services

We've got the services, products and team to resolve your foundation problems and make sure they’re gone for good!

Old Home, Old Floors

Sagging floors are a common feature of older homes. Though pitched floors in a creaky old house can have character, they can also be signs that an existing problem is getting worse. The sooner you identify your foundation repair need, the less the cost of the repair. Ignoring a sagging floor or any other sign of disrepair can allow your problem to worsen and create a hefty price tag.

Lift Those Dipping Floors

We will use several applications and techniques to strengthen your foundation. They include:

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