Settling House Repair After Hurricane Season

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This hurricane season, we’ve seen some severe damage from winds and rain, but there can also be other damage that occurs. Damage that occurs in your soil and affects the stability of your home. When this hurricane season is over, how will your foundation fare against wet soil? Let’s look at some reasons you may need settling house repair in your West Virginia home, and what some of the solutions to that problem could be.

What Causes the Need for Settling House Repair?

When soil moves, so does your foundation. So how does that work? After a storm, one of two things will happen: the ground will be very saturated or quickly get very dry. This makes for problems with stability with your foundation.

When the soil gets very dry, it pulls away from the foundation and changes position. That means that when it gets back to normal it will begin to cause problems with your home foundation that is not in the spot as it was.

If the soil is wet and saturated, as it may be now after Hurricane Florence, that means there is not proper drainage. The soil is becoming easily saturated and heavy and pushing up against your foundation. This can cause cracking and bowing of your basement walls or problems within your crawlspace as well as small cracks can let in a lot of water. Saturated soil is also not as sturdy as average soil and can cause your home to settle.

Settling House Repair Solutions

Push Piers, Foundation Repair, West Virginia settling house repairThe main goal of settling house repair is to get your home level and raised again. The unnecessary stress of settlement on a home is not good for the rest of your home either. It can cause problems in the rest of your home, like cracks in upstairs walls or buckling floors if the settlement.

The most commonly used solution is a foundation underpinning system. This could be helical piers, steel push piers, or another method. These piers are driven deep into the stable, compacted ground below and then they are securely attached to the foundation by a plate.

The weight of the foundation is then transferred to these piers and is lifted. The lift is gradual and takes place over time (to be entirely level) to make sure that the sudden change doesn’t cause any damage.

Foundation Systems of West Virginia is Your House Settling Repair Expert

House settling is a serious issue, and you should never leave it to get worse. Foundation damage will not get better over time. It will merely get more difficult to repair with greater damage and this will add to the cost of repair. Give Foundation Systems of West Virginia a call and we can get you set up with a free estimate.

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