Should You Replace or Level with Polyurethane Injection?

poly concrete leveling

Summer is Here!

The weather is warmer and it’s time to spend time outside, but as you walk outside your home you see it: your deck is uneven and cracked. Tons of questions begin to run through your mind like, “How much is this going to cost? Is it okay to leave it like that? What will happen if I just do crack repair? Does it need replaced? What are my options?” Take a breath! Foundation Systems of West Virginia can help you decide whether replacing your patio or leveling with polyurethane injection is the best option for your situation.

Image of a crack in the cement. Concrete crack repair.

Crack Repair

The first option that most people consider is crack repair. It seems like an easy D.I.Y. (do it yourself) fix that can be done in a weekend and let the patio hold out a little longer than it currently will. However, that just isn’t true. A crack repair is not going to fix an uneven patio, and in fact could mask the issue and make it harder to spot to truly diagnose the issue. A crack repair is only recommended after repair OR if the crack is a hairline crack that is from normal settling and has not spread. Otherwise, crack repair is not a wise option because it will only cover up the issue and do nothing to resolve it–even if it is the cheapest option.


If it can’t be fixed with crack repair, you may assume that it needs to be torn up and repoured. This is an option, but it may not be the only option. Replacement is a good option if there are multiple cracks, pieces missing, the cement is old and worn, or there are other problems that make it impossible to repair. It does not need to be the first option considered because it can be more cost-effective to just repair the cracked or uneven patio. However, in the case of an old or extremely cracked and worn slab, it may be time for replacement. Patios need to be well maintained to continue to serve their purpose for you, and this is something many homeowners forget to do.

Leveling with Polyurethane Injection

poly concrete levelingThe other option available is repair with polyjacking, or leveling. Repair can be provided through leveling with polyurethane foam. The patio slab will have small holes drilled into the surface, and a truck or trailer holds the foam and the installer uses a hose to reach the polyurethane injection sites, keeping equipment off your lawn and landscaping. The foam is injected into the holes and expands, filling voids under the slab and raising the concrete to be level. This can be a great option for uneven patios with a large crack across the center or other areas. We can raise the slab so that it is in line with the other and they are level. We can then perform crack repair and the patio will be safe, attractive, and ready to use. The polyurethane foam is light and can be used in the same day, no waiting days for it to dry. Polyurethane injection through polyjacking is a great option for this type of repair, and you can then avoid mudjacking or replacement.

Are You Ready to Solve Your Patio Woes?

Give Foundation Systems of West Virginia a call! We are happy to come out and provide you a free estimate. We can let you know what we believe is the best course of action for your patio and make sure that we answer any and all questions that you may have about the process and our decision-making process. We want you to have a safe, wonderful place to entertain that is free from trip-hazards and other problems. A patio should be a place to have fun with friends, not an eyesore and safety issue. Give us a call right now and get started!

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