Spring Crawlspace Repair

It’s finally spring, and that means that your crawlspace is likely under siege from the elements. As the colder temperatures give way to warm, we are seeing lots of rain showers and humidity. This can spell big trouble for your crawlspace. Anything from moisture, mold, rot, or worse could be happening down there right now. Crawlspaces are an often overlooked area of the home, but they can cause big damage to the rest of your home if left untreated and untouched. So, this spring, it’s time to take a look and make sure that you don’t need crawlspace repair!

What to Look for

foundation repair crawlspace encapsulation When you’re taking a look around your crawlspace, you may not be sure what exactly to look for. Some possible signs of an issue you may want to look for could include rotting wood, moisture or standing water in the crawl space, bugs or pests, or an unsafe construction method from the original build or repairs. You may also notice some things right above your crawl space and throughout the home. If you notice that there is a musty smell in the air or that you and your family are getting sick a lot, there may be mold in the crawlspace that is then circulating throughout the home and causing issues. If the floor is cold right above your crawlspace this can also be sign it’s not heating and cooling effectively and needs insulation from the elements.

How to Resolve Crawlspace Issues

yard drainage system

The first thing to do when you suspect a crawlspace repair problem in your home is to call the professionals at Foundation Systems of WV. We have the expert knowledge, tools, and experience to give you a full estimate and get an idea of what will happen next. Our methods will depend on what the problem is, its extent, and if your crawlspace is finished or not. These will all affect the solution. However, some of the main ways we work to resolve crawlspace problems are through underpinning to support the crawlspace in the case of foundation repair, sealing and putting up a vapor barrier so new water can’t come in, or installing a sump pump in the case that any water did come in even with our best efforts. Want to learn more about our methods for crawlspace repair? Check out the rest of our website or give us a call to discuss your specific situation.

Call Foundation Systems of WV for Crawlspace Repair

When you notice problems with your crawlspace, call Foundation Systems of WV! We are happy to work with you to schedule an estimate and get an idea of what the problem is, possible causes, and how we can resolve it. Schedule a free estimate today and get back to a stable and safe home.

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