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Have you begun to notice that your doors or windows have been having some issues? Maybe they are sticking or developing cracks around them. This can be an indication that your foundation is damaged.

If your foundation is settling, it can move the frame of your home off track, causing windows and doors to not fit into their frames correctly. It can also cause cracks to appear or allow doors or windows to develop gaps between the frames and the walls.

Foundation damage can cause these problems, along with other issues, such as water leakage, uneven floors and leaning chimneys. It is important that you have a foundation expert from Foundation Systems of West Virginia give you a free inspection and estimate. If you allow a problem to grow, it will cost more money and time to repair it.

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What is Causing Your Doors & Windows to Stick?

Although increased humidity can cause windows and doors to stick in their frames, the problem can also be caused by a settling or damaged foundation. There are a variety of things that can cause a foundation to settle or be damaged.

Tree Roots: If a tree is planted too close to a foundation, the roots can push against the foundation, damaging the walls. In addition, the tree roots can soak up the water in the soil around the foundation, causing the soil to shrink and not provide the support the foundation wall needs.

Excess Moisture: If there is too much water in the soil, either from torrential rain or improper draining, the soil can become oversaturated. The hydrostatic pressure in the soil can push against the foundation walls, damaging them. Erosion can also occur from too much rain or snow. The supporting soil can be washed away, leaving little stability for the foundation walls.

Not Enough Moisture: Just as too much moisture can cause a problem for your foundation, too little can also be a headache. If the soil doesn't have enough moisture, it can shrink. Cracks and gaps can occur and your foundation can sink into these voids, creating problems for your foundation walls.

Poorly Prepared Soil: The soil that your home is built on should have been compacted correctly during construction. If it isn't, the foundation can settle unevenly, causing damage to your home.

How Can You Repair Your Home?

There really isn't a way to solely fix a sticking door or window without treating the underlying problem. You'll need to bring in a foundation repair expert to determine what is causing the foundation trouble and the best way to repair it.

Foundation Systems of West Virginia will inspect your home and suggest the best method of repair. The most common methods include the following. You can click on each one to learn more about how they work.

It is important that you repair your foundation as soon as you find that you may have an issue. A small problem can quickly grow into a large one, costing more money and taking more time to repair, in addition to threatening the stability of your home. Contact us today at 855-938-2768 to learn more about what Foundation Systems of West Virginia can do for your home and its foundation.

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