Diagram of a house showing different types of foundation repairs possible

New Year, New Fixes Around the Home

It’s almost time for the new year, and that means it’s also time to take stock of your home. If you haven’t recently done a walkthrough of your home, now is the time to get this out of the way. Enjoy feeling comfortable and safe in your home without having a worry in the back […]

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image of raindrops in a puddle foundation problems

What Causes Foundation Problems?

Foundation problems are something that no one wants to deal with as it means the overall structure of your home is not sound, stable or safe. With foundation problems come a lot of time, money, and headaches. The longer you wait to get a foundation problem looked at, the more you are risking additional damage […]

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foundation warning signs

Avoid a Foundation “Worst Case Scenario”

Worst Case Scenario for Foundation Issues? Major bows and cracks in your foundation walls will eventually cause a wall to collapse.  Fortunately, this homeowner called Foundation Systems of West Virginia to support the wall BEFORE it collapsed. Several times each year and every year, we receive a phone call or an email from a homeowner […]

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