Tips for Spring Home Prep

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The first official day of spring was just a few days ago, and it’s time to consider preparing your house for the upcoming spring and summer season. Preparing? Yes, that’s right! You need to prepare your home before spring so that you can avoid damage or problems. Taking the time to do spring home prep now will save you time, money, and frustration later.

How to Prepare Your Home for Spring

The goal of spring home prep is to make sure that you clean up the damage from winter, and prepare your home for the coming heavy rains, moisture, and leaves in the spring. A basic tip is to inspect your foundation, shingles, floors, and concrete to note any changes that the winter season may have caused. You can also turn it into a full weekend project by cleaning the inside of your home as well.

Clean out vents

This can include: vents on your crawl space that collect leaves in the screen, dryer vents which collect lint, and kitchen vent hoods which need replaced every so often. While the screens on your crawl space do block out leaves, debris, and small animals from your crawl space, they also provide ventilation. It’s important to clean them out so that you can have a well ventilated crawl space. Additionally, your dryer vent must be cleaned, on the inside and outside of your home, to prevent fire hazards.

smoke detector fire safetyTest Smoke Alarms and Carbon Monoxide Detectors

Along with cleaning out your dryer vents, it is extremely important to check your smoke alarms and carbon monoxide detectors to make sure that they are in good working order. Remember to replace batteries twice each year or as needed. Another piece of fire safety advice is to have your fire extinguisher checked. This can be done at some local fire departments. Fire safety is very important to take seriously because it could literally save your life.

Clean Gutters

It’s that time of year again! While no one really likes to clean out the gutters, it’s an important piece of home maintenance that will save you some trouble in the future. Use gloves and clean out any extra debris that just won’t come off with a garden hose. Lastly, assure that your downspouts are a good distance away from the home so that they do not drain directly into the foundation and cause basement water problems.

yard drainage systemLevel Yard and Install Drainage System

If you’ve been having water problems in your basement or crawl space, it might be time to consider looking at how your yard is leveled and what kind of drainage system you have. Soil should be higher near the home and slope downwards away from the home. This ensures that water does not pool near the foundation of the home and cause big problems. It’s also important to find out what kind of drainage system you have for your yard. If you don’t have one and you’re having consistent basement water problems, it may be time to call Foundation Professionals of West Virginia and discuss your options.

Foundation Professionals of West Virginia is happy to help you with all of your spring home prep needs. We can provide crawl space encapsulation for the damp spring season, repair cracks in concrete or walls, and assure that your foundation is in good working order. We’re also happy to install new home repairs like a drainage system for your yard or to fill a void under the sidewalk or driveway. Call us today to find out more and get started on this year’s spring home prep!

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