Wall Crack Repair Isn’t So Simple

Image of a stair step crack on a cement block wall

When you spot a crack in your home, the first thing that comes to mind may not be worry. You may instead think about covering it with some spackle or paint and getting on with your day. However, while wall crack repair isn’t always necessary, there are times when cracks can indicate serious foundation problems with the home. So, next time that you need wall crack repair, don’t reach for the paint–reach for the phone and call Foundation Systems of WV!

What Types of Wall Cracks are Serious?

Large crack in cement driveway leveling Generally, homes will get a few cracks through the natural process of settlement. This is expected and allowed for in the construction of the home, which means that hairline cracks that don’t get any bigger over time are usually okay to leave and/or paint over and don’t pose much trouble. The trouble is generally when those cracks become bigger than the width of a penny, when new cracks show up after a big weather event (flooding, snow, etc.), or when the cracks continue to move. These can all be signs that there are new and serious problems that could lead to an unsafe and unstable foundation for you and your family.

How Do I Know if a Wall Crack is Getting Bigger?

One simple way to tell if a crack is getting bigger and needs wall crack repair is by placing tape on either side of the crack, parallel to each other. Next, take a ruler and draw a matching line in the same place on each piece of tape. Check back every day or every few days to check the distance between the two. If there’s no distance change, it likely means that there aren’t any issues except natural settlement. However, it’s always better to be safe than sorry and to call Foundation Systems of WV for a free estimate when you aren’t sure.

Foundation PiersPossible Solutions for Wall Cracks

Some possible solutions that we may consider to resolve the wall crack repair issue may be related to foundation repair. These would be underpinning methods like steel push piers or helical piers to make sure that the home is stable. Push piers are driven deep into the earth into solid ground, and then they are attached to the home by plates which the weight is then transferred to. Helical piers are much the same, but they are usually used in lighter applications, as for porches or decks, and they are screwed into the ground instead of merely pushed in. Your contractor will discuss the best methods for wall crack repair with you.

Need Wall Crack Repair?

Call Foundation Systems of WV! Worried about a crack in your wall and not sure what the next steps are? Call Foundation Systems of WV before it becomes a nuisance and safety issue to you and your family.

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