When Should You Get Crack Repair?

ceiling cracks

This fall, take a walk around your home and look at the walls and the foundation. This should be a part of your yearly walk through where you take note of any issues that need resolved in your home. When you catch things early, they will be less expensive and usually easier to fix. While you’re taking your walk through of your home, look for anything unusual.

ceiling cracks

Are there cracks? Do you see water pooled anywhere? These are all things to take note of. However, do you wonder what really needs help right now and what can wait? In this article, we’ll discuss how to decide.

Wall and Foundation Cracks

Wall and foundation cracks suggest the immediate solution of crack repair. While this is what most people believe will resolve the problem, unfortunately it will not. In a very small percentage of cases, the wall or foundation crack is hairline and has not expanded. This is a crack due to natural, expected settlement, and it would benefit from crack repair to cover it up. However, this is all crack repair does for any crack–cover it up and seal it. In the case of a large, growing foundation or wall crack, you have a bigger problem going on. There are underlying issues of settlement, bowing walls, or other issues. When the crack is covered up with crack repair, you may miss the progression into something that really needs attention right away. Plus, you’re ignoring an issue that may cost way less to fix now than it does later. Foundation repair issues will not get better, they will only get worse the longer that you wait.

How to Tell if a Crack is Getting Bigger

You know there’s a crack in the basement wall, but you have no idea if it is the same size as it was yesterday. There’s a solution! All you will need is two pieces of tape, a pencil, a ruler, and patience. Locate the crack on the wall, and place a piece of tape on either side of the crack. Take your ruler and draw a straight line on the tape on both sides so that they match up. Now, you wait.

foundation repair, Parkersburg, WV

Come back down to the basement or to look at your foundation each day and see if the lines on the tape still match up. If not, you can see that they have moved and you can measure how far they have moved with your ruler. Leave the tape on the wall, and a contractor performing an estimate, like those at Foundation Systems of West Virginia, can easily tell what needs to be done. If you do see movement, you should call us and get a free estimate as soon as possible.

If You See Foundation or Wall Cracks, Call Us for Crack Repair!

Foundation Systems of West Virginia is your first choice in foundation repair and waterproofing. Contact us for a free estimate when you see a crack in your wall or foundation. We come out, check out the problem, and provide a free estimate detailing what the plan would be to resolve it and how much that would cost. Contact us today for more details or to get scheduled for a free estimate.

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